Rockin’ Rural Women

Social media plays a part in many people’s lives today. Whether you actively use Facebook, Twitter, blog or other sources of online media it surrounds us. I personally enjoy using Facebook, but also have a Twitter account and occassionally blog. A new Facebook group that has recently joined Facebook is Rockin’ Rural Women.

Rockin’ Rural Women is “a community of rockin’ women who are passionate about rural and all it entails. For some, rural is our livelihoods; for others, rural is our dream; for still others, rural is in our roots. No matter the connection we have to rural, we share common values and have a passion to continue rural life. This group brings women passionate for rural together to share and connect.”

I hope you’ll go on Facebook and start following this new and exciting page! This will be a great place for women to connect and network with women in rural America!

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